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Prameny Krkonoš is a database containing information about sources relating to mainly the history of the Giant Mountains in the 20th century. It congregates and presents sources from various types of institutions - libraries, archives, museums, private collections and digital spaces. This includes fonds and collections which are otherwise difficult to access or whose significance is often underestimated.

A specific part of the database functions as a data source for the interactive map Obyvatelstvo, obce a správní systém Krkonoš ve 20. století (Population, Settlements and Systems of Administration of the Giant Mountains in the 20th century). As part of the work on this interactive map, the database has made administrative and demographic data from the individual censes from years 1910 - 1991 and the year 2021 publicly available for the studied area, defined by the chosen judicial districts in the year 1946. The names for each individual location as well as its place in the administrative structure have also been recorded and are accessible in the database.

Descriptions of relevant fonds and collections of select institutions function are available.

Economic subjects described in the database are presented in the map Významné ekonomické subjekty a dopravní infrastruktura (Important Economic Subjects and Transport Infrastructure).

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